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The re-publication of journalist Victor Castanet's book and the recent airing of an episode of the French TV programme Zone Interdite on nursing homes are yet another indication of the current climate and the long way to go to restore trust in our establishments.

On 17 January 2023, Synerpa presented a charter of commitments to be applied by all its 3,300 members by 2025. Based on three pillars, it aims to improve the quality of care for the elderly and to restore the confidence of the French people. This is an unprecedented approach on the scale of an entire sector, which in many respects is reminiscent of the one undertaken by Colisée more than two years ago.
INTERVIEW with ELISABETH LAVILLE, Founder of the consultancy Utopies

Elisabeth Laville and the consultancy Utopies have accompanied Synerpa in its work to draw up the charter of commitment. She agreed to answer a few questions from Colisée...
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Colisée, a leading player in the field of support and care for the elderly, is committed to promoting better aging in its facilities – nursing homes, service flats, rehabilitation clinics – and with its home care services. Colisée is a mission-led company, the day-to-day actions of our 19,000 employees are guided by our purpose and our values: Cohesion, Respect and Engagement. Colisée has over 32,000 places in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and China.
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